When you are trying to eat healthier and stay away from fructose laden treats, sometimes your body can rebel. The next thing you know, you are finding yourself on the candy aisle at the neighborhood drugstore, trying your damndest not to buy candy from each shelf.

You eventually give in and buy your usual favorite treat. You get into your car and tear into the package in a rush to take a bite, and all the guilt, shame, and dissatisfaction flood you. You’ve been eating clean 90% of the time which means your tastebuds have been slowly changing and you realize you cannot stand the taste of the fake sugary treats that you used to eat. So what do you do? Life isn’t life without a treat now and again.

So below is my video on my Dark Chocolate Hazelnut cups that is reminiscent of my time in Italy eating Nutella Crepes. These cups are healthier and jam packed with protein, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins B & E while helping improve heart health, reducing risk of cancer, an aiding our muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health from the homemade Hazelnut butter. And antioxidants, iron, Magnesium and more calcium than cow’s milk from the Cacao. Not to mention cacao helps you release endorphins that causes a natural high and combat depression without the guilt, bloating and crashes that your other sugary treats do. And they only take about 20 minutes to make.


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