Tam Coc, Vietnam 2019


The name for the Aha Experience, came about several months after leaving my tantric studies at Shri Kali Ashram in Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand. It was in a Sanskrit class that one of the letter combinations stood out for me and subsequently became one of my favorite letters in the alphabet. Later that letter combination and placement became The Aha Experience.

In Sanskrit, each letter correlates with each part of the body and the letter for the sound ‘ah’ is pronounced ‘aha’ (show above) when placing it on your body and it correlates with the top of your head from where sparks of enlightenment and bliss flow from the divine.

Oprah Winfrey coined the phrase ‘Aha Moment’ and after trying several titles for my business, I had an ‘Aha Experience’ when I remember the Sanskrit letter ‘Ah’ pronounced ‘Aha’ was what I needed to call it. The Aha Experience is what I hope to inspire in you, my audience, with my Podcast, YouTube Channel, Photography, and musings about food, fashion and travel. I hope this site and all of its counterparts will inspire you to choose a life of bliss, your way, by shedding all those things that are non-essential to you, that don’t allow you to live life as your authentic self.


I am a tantra yoga teacher, youtuber, podcaster, photographer, humanitarian, and storyteller.

My journey has led me to the field of meta-science and philosophy, tantra, and personal development. For the past 8 years, I have expanded my knowledge in the art of meditation, feminine archetypes, the philosophy of yoga, tantra and healing through photographer. I have also been a storyteller since I was young as I have always been fascinated with storytelling through many mediums.

After spending 3.5 years serving in the U.S. Navy and experiencing chronic body pain due to injuries I sustained while serving and also feeling spiritually lost, I began my own epic heroine’s journey of self-discovery that has had many sharp turns, ravines, and mountain tops. From studying Christian and Jewish spiritual philosophies, I have always felt something was lacking in my spiritual journey. This led me to ask questions and taking a scary leap away from all I have ever known and my socially conditioned spiritual practice.

It also encouraged me to open myself to the pain and trauma of my childhood, and uncovering the many personas (masks) that I hid behind to feel safe in a world I perceived as dangerous. 

In 2016, while living in Oakland, CA and dealing with acute depression, a friend of mine invited me to a transformational workshop through Aiming High, Inc and led by Sylvia High. It was here that I began to see myself more clearly and it opened the door to meta-science from a New Age point of view. 

I ultimately moved to Thailand to study traditional tantra and yoga at Shri Kali Ashram. Here, everything that I had been observing in my life and studying came together. It was where ancient philosophy and words gave meaning to what I was experiencing and seeing. My story, came together in a flash.

I fell in love with the non-dual tantric system. I learned and continue to shed the layers and masks that keep me from expressing my most authentic and blissful self,  uncovering the  goddess within. It is where I realized that we are all perfect beings, pure expressions of the divine. We just need to cultivate it, and let it express. This is what I strive for now.

I am so honored and grateful to share a bit of this life with you, and perhaps be a catalyst in your personal journey.


Master degree in Mass Communications and Media

Personal Style and Brand Coach

500 Hour Certified Tantra Yoga teacher

20 years on the path of living the best life I can

“You are whole and complete as you are. But some of your conditionings prevent you from living your best life.”